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We at Saintfarm, endeavor to build relationships that bond people and cultures across the world through the common language of food, which we call the Food Connect. With the power of food connect and driven by passion for purity, we are committed to creating a global food brand.

Our unrelenting focus on quality, innovation and superior taste reflects in our wide range of products, enabling us to build sustained consumer loyalty, making Saintfarm, simply the best money can buy.






Fresh Grains






Our Mission

Saintfarm wants to reach each and every one who is passionate about organic food.

We are committed to encourage and help all those people who believe in organic practice. We salute all organic food producers, growers, farmers and each individual who gives their big or small efforts towards organic farming. As we believe that we should always give back something to our mother earth.

Organic Certification

At Saintfarm, we acknowledge that certification is important to build consumer confidence and the only way to establish trust amongst varied communities of consumers. Certification also helps organic farmers gain a fair price for their produce and facilitates the sale of organic products. However, certification can be tedious and expensive, which can be a deterrent for small farmers.

While we endorse certified producer groups and their products. Saintfarm believes in establishing personal relationships with farmers and understanding their methods of organic farming and only after we are convinced about their methods, we sell it as “Saintfarm”- organic produce.



Jaivik Bharat

Jaivik Bharat



USDA Organic


India Organic


Make In India

Make in India

How Saint Farm works?

We cultivate, collect, manufacture and market certified organic food under our brand name ‘Saintfarm’. We made a strategic business decision to concentrate exclusively on developing a complete range of organic products in order to both support sustainable agricultural life in India and to offer safe and healthful products to people all over the world.

We care for our farmers

The farmer is supposed to be the backbone of organic crop production. Unless the interests of the farmer are genuinely protected, organic farming may not be remunerative except for a few.

Everything we do is designed to give our farmer producers the best opportunities and benefits.
We support the farmers in getting organic certifications.

We offer a helping hand to farmers at every point. All our ingredients are made by the farmers with locally available products and are a part of zero budget farming.

This ensures lower cost of inputs and higher realization leading to more disposable money in the hands of farmers. This way, we ensure the products are pure organic and also the farmers are secure as we buy all their produce and we get to plan what we want to cultivate. It’s a win-win for all the stakeholders.

Saintfarm inclusive model involves partnering with local NGOs in mobilizing farmers and training them in organic agriculture. Our team of agronomists and field staff work closely with the farmers, ensuring total control on the seed, soil, farming and harvesting.

At present, our supply chain covers more than 650 farmers growing organic ingredients like cereals, pulses, oilseeds, spices to fruits, vegetables and herbs across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and the Northeast. The farms, products and facilities are certified for EU, USDA NOP & Indian NPOP standards.

Saintfarm Agri-Tech and R&D

Saintfarm strongly believe in Eco –friendly agriculture, refers to the various practices that use land, water, biodiversity, labor, knowledge and technology to reduce environmental impact..

In digital technology have the potential to positively impact the agricultural system. These innovations can make agricultural systems more efficient in using resources, climate-resilient and improving traceability from farm to fork.

Saintfarm Precision Agriculture

This technology counsels on the precise amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides required for a given farm area, thereby preventing overuse and helping conserve these resources.

This technology counsels on the precise amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides required for a given farm area, thereby preventing overuse and helping conserve these resources.

Drones can be used to produce precise maps for soil analysis at the beginning of the crop cycle, which helps to direct seed planting patterns. Once crops start to grow, these sensors are able to calculate their vegetation index and indicator of health, by measuring the crop’s heat signature.


Traceability is a digital technology that enables complete visibility of the supply chain and all the touch points and transformations in a given a value chain all the way to the farm.

It is becoming increasingly significant in order to gain consumer confidence and trust and prove ethical production practices.

Saint Water Resources Management

The production of food and other agricultural products takes 70 per cent of the freshwater withdrawals from rivers and groundwater. Agri technology can enable holistic and informed management of all water resources of a given region providing a comprehensive view of available water quantity in an area.

Saintfarm Exports

Globally, the organic wave seems to have swept across all things
food. From farm produce, to meat, to seafood, to dairy, ‘going
organic’ is transitioning from being a fad to a way of life.

India is playing a part in this global story by supplying large quantities of organically grown non-GMO produce

to the USA and Europe, which together are about 90% of the market.

But an interesting story is unfolding back home – India is also now consuming organic food.

Saintfarm aims to export the organic products to USA, Canada, Europe and UAE.

Saintfarm Honey

The purest, most delicious, unadulterated honey from our own apiaries

We have set up our own apiaries and produce pure, unadulterated honey.

Currently, we have our apiaries located around North India, with more apiaries to be established in the coming spring. Our apiaries host between 10-250 bee hives per location. At Saintfarm, we have an army of 2.5 cr honey bees.

To fit our criteria as a host farm, we stipulate the farm has to be organic or biodynamic and have sufficient flower coverage throughout the year to ensure the bees do not starve. Our hives stay permanently at the allocated sanctuary. This minimizes stress on the hive.